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Monday, April 11, 2016
Colorado egg farmers solve common household challenges with one egg-cellent ingredient
DENVER – April 2016 – Eggs are commonly known as a delicious, nutritious option for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But eggs can also be extremely useful outside of the kitchen. From moisturizing your skin to improving your garden, the nutrients in eggs provide many household solutions. The Colorado Egg Producers (CEP) Association wants to share some great ways for you to use eggs around your home.


“It’s no secret that eggs are a versatile, high quality ingredient packed with protein, vitamins and essential nutrients,” said Mike Surles, a CEP member and Colorado egg farmer. “But many people don’t know that those same nutrients found in eggs can also be used to solve many surprising household challenges.”

The consistency and nutritional content of eggs make them an ideal solution for many household needs. For example, did you know that eggs are a healthy supplement to dog food? Hard-boiled eggs are a great source of digestible protein to give your dog energy as well as fatty acids that help make your dog’s coat shiny and healthy. Organic Authorityprovides some other great ways to use eggs around your home.

·      Shampoo - The protein content in eggs is particularly beneficial for distressed and damaged hair. The albumen in egg whites cleans the hair while the egg yolk’s fat content conditions.

·      Compost - Eggshells are great sources of calcium, a crucial nutrient for plants. Add eggshells to your compost to boost its nutrients and promote a healthy garden. You can also crush the eggs and toss them into the compost for a richer soil.   

·      Glue - An egg white can be used as effective paper glue. Use it to bind together light items, such as paper or cardboard. Whisk the egg white beforehand and use a brush to apply it to the surfaces you would like to adhere together.

·      Leather Cleaner – Because egg white is sticky, it is able to remove dirt from leather. Apply the egg white to the leather surface and scrub lightly. The egg white will leave leather looking shiny and clean.

·      Egg White Facial - An egg white mask will tighten your skin and diminish the look of fine lines as well as get rid of oily skin and reduce the appearance of blackheads and pores. Whisk egg whites with a little bit of water and apply the mixture to your face. Rinse off after a few minutes. For a moisturizing treatment, follow the same steps using egg yolks.

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