CSU Ag Day and the Nutrien Ag Day BBQ


Pre-game BBQ | CSU Football vs. Utah Tech 

Come to the table to honor CSU’s roots, elevate scholarship and celebrate our community’s agricultural producers.

Ag Day is a long-standing tradition and celebration of Colorado agriculture and CSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences. We are proud to host the Nutrien Ag Day BBQ in partnership with Colorado agricultural partners from around the state. This tradition honors both the institution’s roots and Colorado’s rich agricultural history in a celebration that appeals to all ages.

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Honor the Harvest

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The Brunch Tour – 2022

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Did you know the choline in eggs helps support lifelong brain health at every age and stage, including memory, thinking, mood and more? Eggs are one of the few foods rich in choline and most Americans would benefit from eating more choline to meet the recommended daily intake.

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