Breakfast Chilaquiles

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Breakfast Chilaquiles


  1. Place a pan saver in a 200 hotel pan.
  2. Spray pan saver with oil spray lightly.
  3. Add 1lb of chips to the bottom of the pan, spread evenly.
  4. In a bowl, mix 5 cups Liquid Eggs (.50 carton/ 2.50lb) + 2.50 cups of Salsa Embassa + 2.50 cups of Salsa Ranchera.
  5. Pour the liquid mixture onto the Tortilla Chips.


  1. When product has reached its temperature, place the pan into a 135° hot holding cart until ready for service.
  2. DO NOT exceed 1hour hot holding time prior to serving.


  • ELEMENTARY SITES: cut 12/10oz squares of Chilaquile. Serve on a 4 Compartment Tray.
  • Offer to students.
  • MIDDLE SCHOOLS: cut 12/10oz squares of Chilaquile. Place the Chilaquile in a foil tray.
  • Offer to students.


  • Chips, Corn Tortilla, No Salt, Bag/1290 - 2 OZ
  • Salsa, Ranchera, Case/4 each/1 gal. - 1 1/3 OZ
  • Salsa, Embasa, 6/#10/cs, Stk#2806 - 1 1/3 OZ
  • Eggs, Liquid, Case/6-5# Each/1355 - 2 1/2 OZ
  • Cheese, Queso Fresco, Case/2 Each - 1 OZ


  • Place the Chilaquile in a 325° oven covered with foil.
  • Cook for 40 minutes approx. or until internal temp reaches 155°.
  • Rotate the pan during cooking process.
  • When product has reached its temperature, sprinkle 1lb of cheese evenly onto the Chilaquiles.
  • Place the Chilaquile back in a 375° oven uncovered for 5 more minutes or until the cheese melts.
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