About Colorado Egg Producers

The Colorado Egg Producers Association is a small membership organization representing Colorado Egg Producers. As egg producers, we pride ourselves on providing eggs, a high quality, protein-dense food, to citizens in this great state. We are also proud to offer consumers the choice between cage and cage-free eggs.

Most importantly, we care about how all of our chickens are treated. While no system is perfect, we ensure our chickens receive the best care possible within both the cage and cage-free systems. CEP is a proud member of the Colorado Livestock Care Coalition (CLCC). Click here to review the CLCC business plan.

Colorado Egg Producers believe in proper stewardship to our communities and our chickens. We use scientific principles in our production practices to produce a safe and wholesome product for consumers while adhering to the best possible animal husbandry standards.

As an association, we were the first state to develop and implement an Animal Care Doctrine. Each of our producers and members have signed this Doctrine (see below) and are committed to the best possible care of chickens based on scientific principles and animal husbandry standards.

Each of our producers meet and exceed United Egg Producers (UEP) Animal Welfare Guidelines.