Eggbert grew up on a picturesque egg farm in beautiful Colorado. He spent much of his childhood exploring the farm and learning all he could about the egg production business. Eggbert knew there was always more to learn, though, and left home to pursue higher "egg-ucation" at Eggford University. Eggbert quickly rose to the top of his class, earning Grade AA status, and graduated with a degree in poultry science and nutrition.

After completing his degree, Eggbert spent some time traveling the world to learn about how different cultures use eggs. From Scotch eggs in Scotland to soy sauce eggs in China, Eggbert discovered many wonderful, "egg-centric" ways people around the world enjoy the incredible edible egg. During his travels, Eggbert sorely missed the majestic mountains and the farming and ranching way-of-life of his home. After several years, Eggbert decided to return to Colorado to share all he learned with the people of the Centennial State.

Since returning, Eggbert joined the Colorado Egg Producers (CEP) Association as an egg ambassador. Through CEP, Eggbert works to educate Colorado consumers on egg production and nutrition. Eggbert is especially passionate about how well CEP members take care of their hens - providing them with all the care, safety and attention they need to thrive.

CEP, a membership organization representing seven Colorado egg farms, is "egg-static" to have Eggbert on its team. He is an all-around "Good Egg"!