Adams County Fire Department Egg Cook-Off Competition – Major Points

  • This is simply a competition put together by Colorado Egg Producers(CEP) in conjunction with Colorado Proud (CP) agricultural products to bring awareness to the importance of Eggs in everyday diet. CEP donates the eggs and CP donates all the other foods to cook with, each dept. will receive a box of food.
  • Why Fire Fighters? Because everyone knows Fire Departments have the Best Chefs!! Actually, eggs are super healthy and a much needed protein and essential daily food to energize the body and minds of fire fighters.
  • Fire Fighters need eggs and probably cook with them every day, so CEP set up this simple cooking competition between fellow fire houses in Adams County where the winner receives FREE EGGS FOR A YEAR AND $2,500 to DONATE to their Favorite Charity… it’s a Win-Win!
  • What does each Fire house have to do…? CEP will put together a box of eggs and other food products and the chef of the house needs to cook an amazing meal using as many products as possible and VIDEO tape the cooking process and final product and submit all the Video(s) to CEP and we choose a winner.
  • Firehouse gets free food to cook with and the winner literally gets FREE eggs for a year and $2,5000 to donate and best of all Bragging Rights that they’re the best cooking Firehouse in Adams Cnty… But can they Beat Douglas Cnty ????

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