Please join us in congratulating Sandra Lausecker, AEB Board Treasurer, on hosting the First Lady of the United States today on her family’s farm, Outward Farms, in Raymond Ohio today. This visit is one part of our ongoing relationship and strong partnership with the White House and discussions about this visit began early this spring when the White House asked what they could do to help egg farmers tell the story of how an egg gets to consumers, and of course to the lawn at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

The First Lady and her team were engaged, asked loads of questions and were shocked by the journey of the egg! Sandra and Daniel were amazing hosts and put their lives on hold for the last two weeks to work with White House advance team, who have been onsite here since Sunday, to coordinate countless logistics, movements and details to prepare to host such an important guest. Thank you to the Sandra and the entire Lausecker family and Outward Farms for being willing to take on this responsibility, the scrutiny that goes with it and the expense of preparing to represent our industry so well and so proudly!

This visit is historical for our industry and for agriculture. The White House told us today that the First Lady has never visited a farm—any farm-- (outside of ONE campaign stop years and years ago) and her staff sees this as an important introduction to much needed further conversations about egg farming and American agriculture. This is an incredible next step in the continuation of our journey at AEB to educate about the importance of eggs and of you, our farmers who produce that perfect protein.