New Study Continues to Support the Role of Eggs in Heart-Healthy Diets
Last month, a new nutrition study made headlines while also lending further support to the role of eggs in heart-healthy dietary patterns. This study examined almost 5,000 individuals in China1. Researchers measured several factors in the blood of study participants and determined that egg consumption was positively associated with a protein in the blood called apolipoprotein A1– a building-block of HDL, or “good” cholesterol. Additionally, the study found that individuals who consumed fewer eggs generally had a metabolic profile that indicated they were at an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. In a press release published by the research journal, the researchers stated that the “results provide a potential explanation for how eating a moderate amount of eggs can help protect against heart disease.”

ENC’s research roadmap has eggs and heart health as a core focus area as we continue to build the science on the important role eggs have in heart-healthy diets for all individuals.

1. Pan et al. China Kadoorie Biobank Collaborative Group. Association of egg consumption, metabolic markers, and risk of cardiovascular diseases: A nested case-control study. Elife. 2022;11:e72909.