Further details of the U.S. – Japan Trade Agreement were released last week. Once the pact takes effect, which is expected to be Jan. 1, Japan will immediately eliminate tariffs for U.S. egg albumin products and begin immediate tariff rollbacks on other U.S. egg products. According to USAPEEC, after the immediate reduction in tariffs on Jan. 1, subsequent staged tariff reductions will continue on April 1 of each following year, until they are eliminated within five to 12 years. 

This is positive news for the U.S. egg industry, because Japan is an essential market for U.S. egg exports. In fact, historically it’s the No. 1 destination for egg products. (Market value, $43.6 million in 2018.) The new agreement substantially improves access for U.S. egg exports to Japan and puts the U.S. on a more level playing field with member countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership. 

Based on the text of the agreement released by the office of the U.S. Trade Representative, USAPEEC calculated the U.S. egg products’ tariff eliminations in this chart: