December 17, 2019

Dear AEB Members and Friends:

Wanted to join in the Holiday Cheer with some good news: A panel of scientists convened by the American Heart Association (AHA) has reviewed existing literature and affirmed the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s 2015 finding that “eggs can be a beneficial part of a heart-healthy diet”.

Further, the AHA panel outlined specific recommendations regarding eggs, notably:

  • In older healthy individuals, consumption of two eggs per day is acceptable within a heart-healthy dietary pattern.

Why is this significant? The AHA is one of our nation’s foremost health institutions and its findings carry significant weight in the medical community and with consumers, in general.

Timing. Why now? Earlier this year, the AHA released revised 2019 Clinical Guidelines. The report issued this week builds on the previous guidelines by providing more detailed information and recommendations on the topic of dietary cholesterol specifically. Additionally, we heard from the AHA that their Nutrition Committee prioritized this review to provide clarity on existing recommendations.

Getting the word out! Your AEB moved quickly to spread the AHA good news. Yesterday, we issued a statement from Dr. Mickey Rubin, Executive Director of the AEB’s Egg Nutrition Center (ENC), that was distributed on the PR Newswire and via direct outreach to targeted media. Our media tracking has, thus far, identified 156 pick-ups with a potential audience of 103 million.

Download Dr. Rubin’s statement HERE.

Additionally, ENC’s Egg Enthusiasts — more than 500 credentialed health professionals — were sent the news and are sharing with their networks. AEB’s Incredible Egg’s social media will also promote the news, as appropriate.

Please feel free to share ENC’s statement and refer any media inquiries you receive about the AHA’s announcement to AEB Manager of Marketing & Communications Marc Dresner at

We will keep you apprised if we learn more. Thank you.

Happy Holidays!

Anne L. Alonzo
President & CEO
The American Egg Board