A World of Eggs in Colorado

The world as we know it runs on eggs! From a delicate French omelet enjoyed on the countryside outside Paris, to simmering shakshuka which sends smiles across any table, eggs give us reason to wake up. Wherever you travel, your international explorations will mostly likely lead you to a cafe that serves eggs in some shape or form. Chefs across Colorado have brought some of those fantastic flavors to our state from across the world. Let's celebrate these unique dishes that bring us together through our love for eggs. Follow us over the next several weeks as we dive into these diverse cuisines to explore the world of eggs right here in the mile high!


First stop on our world of eggs tour in Colorado is Sushi Rama. Owner and Chef Jeff Osaka pays homage to his roots by including a dish from his childhood on the menu: a simple Japanese fried rice that isn’t complete without a soft egg to grace the dish. Inspiration for this dish comes from his mom – “We had it for breakfast almost every Saturday” says chef.  And he takes his love for eggs one step further with the “Loco Moco”. What is that and why do you need it in your life? Watch to find out!