Health professionals sharing egg nutrition information. Check out the #EggEnthusiast hashtag to follow the conversations.

• Egg Nutrition Center (ENC) partnered with registered dietitian and Egg Enthusiast Amy Gorin to write a myth-busting blog post about egg and heart-health myths. She explains how the science on eggs and cholesterol has evolved and that science is in alliance: eggs fit into heart-healthy eating patterns!
• Registered Dietitian and Egg Enthusiast Kelly Jones shares her Easy Veggie Egg Muffins blog post and how eggs are an excellent source of choline and specially called out that the recommendation to limit dietary cholesterol was dropped as it does not directly impact blood cholesterol.
• Registered Dietitian and Egg Enthusiast Amy Goodson was quoted in an EatThisNotThat article about foods that can be included in a weight loss diet. She noted why you don’t only have to eat egg whites “on a diet,” and ensured readers that you can eat the yolk for increased nutrition and satisfaction.