Much like Taco Tuesday, WEGGSDAY embraces the popularity of marrying a day of the week with a popular food. To launch the campaign — the latest in the American Egg Board’s “How Do You Like Your Eggs” platform — the American Egg Board created a two-minute original music video, titled “Wednesday Is Officially WEGGSDAY!” The animated video, that will be officially launched on July 22nd, also highlights the versatility of eggs, reminding consumers that eggs are a great meal solution beyond just breakfast.

What day is it?! Wednesday? Hump Day? Or something else eggtirely?

The American Egg Board wants to rebrand the middle day of the workweek as "Weggsday," so it scrambled Energy BBDO and music company Squeak E Clean to create a cutesy animation with a jokey/yolk-y jingle to fry the punny name into our minds.

Hit it, singing egg! (But not too hard, or you'll crack.)

Produced under the broader "How Do You Like Your Eggs?" platform, the work, teased today across digital and social.

That all sounds … egg-streme!

“Eggs in the past few years have become more popular with consumers than ever. In fact, in 2019, egg consumption reached its highest level in decades. So, naturally, eggs deserve their own day of the week,” said Liz Gruszkievicz, VP, Marketing at the American Egg Board.