Macquel Martin with @ColoradoWithKiddos shares her fried rice recipe with us that keeps her kids full all school year long!

Fried Rice

2 Cups white rice (cooked)

2 eggs

Small bag of frozen peas/carrots

2 green onions (chopped)

1-2 TBSP soy sauce

2-3 TBSP Avocado oil



Heat oil in a pan, add peas/carrots, cook 2-3 min (sometimes I sprinkle garlic salt on the veggies!). Add (already cooked) white rice, fry 2-3 min. Once heated, move rice/veggies to the edges of the pan creating a circle. Break the two eggs into the middle of the circle onto the pan and scramble. Slowly mix in the rice/veggie mixture with the rice. Add the green onions. Sprinkle in soy sauce to taste. Serve as is or with chicken, ham, or other protein of choice! I always make enough so we have leftovers to pack in the kids lunches the next day.