AEB’s Research Proves: There’s No Thanksgiving Without Eggs. Without pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving would be a pretty sad affair for many Americans. In fact, Americans are expected to dig into more than 50 million pumpkin pies this Thanksgiving season.

That calls for a lot of eggs — an ingredient for which, quite simply, there is no substitute. Your AEB has done the research to prove it!

Much of the structure in pumpkin pie filling comes from eggs. They act as the main thickener and stabilizer by binding the ingredients. When pumpkin pie is prepared with alternatives, the changes are significant — and quite noticeable — including unbaked filling viscosity, baked pie appearance and firmness.

Read AEB’s research report comparing the functionality of eggs in pumpkin pie filling HERE.

The Guinness World Record for the largest pumpkin pie — more than 3,699 pounds — calls for a whopping 2,796 eggs. But the less ambitious eater might appreciate The Incredible Egg’s Mini Pumpkin Pies this holiday season HERE!