It’s a magical time of the year to believe in eggs! While food prices have skyrocketed in nearly every category, eggs have found some stability in our budget. As we approach the busiest baking season of the year, it’s now more important than ever to believe in the power of eggs and how far they go to feed a crowd. Every week through November and December, we will have a recipe ready for your fingertips that’s easy on the wallet. From sweet to savory, snack time to suppertime, we found the best ways to stretch that dollar but still dine like a Christmas king! 

Media Spotlight – FOX31 Denver

Media Spotlight – FOX31 Denver

Eggs are a fabulous source of protein and the best way to purchase them is buying local! Chef Steve Harden with the Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, along with Executive Director of Colorado Egg Producer, Bill Scebbi, talked with us about the importance supporting...

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Honor the Harvest

Easy Breezy Back to School Recipes

Phew! We survived another back to school season. They don’t get easier at our house, but they do get tastier! Here at Colorado Egg, our focus is always on you. We know you don’t have time to mess with a million ingredients, so bookmark our back to school recipes (5 ingredients or less!) and keep ’em at your fingertips for fast meals and fun snacks.

Eggs are a back-to-school no-brainer! Did you know the choline in eggs helps support lifelong brain health at every age and stage, including memory, thinking, mood and more? Eggs are one of the few foods rich in choline and most Americans would benefit from eating more choline to meet the recommended daily intake.

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Kid Friendly Recipes

Here are super fun, easy kid-friendly egg recipes to try out!

Eggster Education

Eggs are important in everyday life, learn how eggs can be tools for schools!

Amazing Egg Recipes & Tips

Tap into the egg's full potential with these delicious egg recipes.
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